Vicki Podberesky Obtains Complete Vindication for Deputy Sheriff Charged with Excessive Force and False Statements

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Following a two week jury trial on 9 felony counts of excessive force and the filing of false reports, Vicki Podberesky and Richard Hirsch successfully defended a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy who was found not guilty of all felony offenses. The jury however convicted on three lesser misdemeanor counts, proposed by the prosecution and given by the court over defense objection. On appeal, a complete dismissal of all charges was obtained by Ms. Podberesky after successfully arguing that the misdemeanor counts were barred by the statute of limitations.

Ms. Podberesky and her firm have significant experience successfully representing law enforcement officers charged with state and federal offenses. Andrues/Podberesky provides strategic and aggressive representation, with sensitivity to collateral employment and administrative issues unique to law enforcement.


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