No Charges Filed Against USC Football Player Liam Jimmons

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vickiVicki Podberesky obtained a declination of prosecution for USC football player Liam Jimmons who was investigated for an alleged assault against a Washington State University fan who, along with numerous other fans, stormed the field during the final play of the game. Employing a strategic and proactive approach to preventing charges from being filed, Ms. Podberesky presented police and prosecutors with percipient witness accounts of the circumstances surrounding the incident, evidence of her client’s good character and facts that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the collision between her client and the WSU fans was nothing more than an unfortunate accident.

Andrues/Podberesky aggressively and strategically represents their clients, making every attempt to prevent charges from being filed, and ensuring that their clients do not endure the loss of reputation or the expense of costly litigation.

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