False Claims Act


“We defend on all fronts clients targeted under the False Claims Act.”

False Claims Act

We have extensive experience in defending both federal and state False Claims Act cases, brought by the government and whistleblowers. We handle all phases of a False Claims Act case, beginning with an internal investigation and pre-litigation discovery pursuant to an administrative subpoena or Civil Investigative Demand through post-intervention discovery and trial.  We collaborate closely with our clients to understand the nature of the business operations and formulate defenses.  We immediately work to impact the government’s intervention decision and strategically litigate the case through discovery, motions practice, and trial. We help clients deal with disgruntled past and present employees and assist in drafting and implementing corporate compliance programs and integrity agreements.

It has become common practice for the U.S. Department of Justice to proceed with parallel civil and criminal investigations and prosecutions at the same time.  Because our team is composed of former federal and state prosecutors and esteemed criminal defense attorneys who have significant experience in handling the unique challenges of parallel proceedings, we are able to counsel and defend clients on all fronts.

Our experience includes representing large, publicly traded corporations, family-owned companies, government contractors and subcontractors, municipal corporations, hospitals, medical clinics, and individuals targeted under the False Claims Act for:

  • Billing, coding, and cost report fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Anti-Kickback Act violations
  • Stark violations
  • False certification of medical necessity
  • Procurement and cost accounting fraud, and mischarging
  • Defective pricing and parts
  • Product quality and product substitution
  • False inspections and certifications
  • Kickbacks, gratuities, and conflicts of interest
  • Government program fraud
  • Export and import control violations
  • Antidumping violations
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