Trade + Export Control


“In today’s world, trade is a complicated business.”

Trade + Export Control

The United States increasingly has become a complicated place to conduct international business with its vast array of trade regulations and economic sanctions that can subject individuals and companies to civil and criminal liability.  We have significant experience in handling criminal cases involving the Arms Export Control Act, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, International Emergency Economic Powers Act, Export Administration Act, and anti-dumping duty violations. We have handled grand jury investigations and pre- and post-indictment federal cases involving export control violations, as well as voluntary and directed disclosures to the Departments of Defense, State, Commerce, and Treasury. We have filed petitions with the Office of Foreign Assets Control to remove companies and individuals listed as Specially Designated Nationals.  We effectively represent clients under government scrutiny, and conduct internal investigations, both here in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions, to prepare a clear and persuasive presentation to U.S. regulatory authorities regarding our client’s trade practices and compliance with U.S. laws.  We also assist trade counsel and corporate compliance officers with their directed and voluntary disclosures to minimize exposure to criminal liability and mitigate the imposition of trade sanctions.

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